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Screen shot of Space Carom

Space Carom is an exciting, arcade-style action game. The object is to pilot your Spaceship around a 2D arena, colliding with Targets to claim them while avoiding collisions with Meteors that will damage your ship. When all the Targets on the screen are lit to your Spaceship's color, the level is cleared. When the Damage Meter drops to zero, your ship explodes. Game over.

The game is played in a low friction environment. Once an object on the screen is set in motion, it continues to drift until it collides with another object. As the name of the game suggests, when two objects collide, they will carom off of each other.

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How To Steer Your Spaceship

Your Spaceship is controlled with your mobile device's tilt sensor (the "accelerometer"). Hold your phone or tablet in landscape tilted away from you at a 45 degree angle (as shown in the image below). This is the neutral, home position. In order to apply thrust in any direction, tilt the device in the direction you want to accelerate. Maximum thrust is achieved at 45 degrees from the home position in any direction. Note that if you want to stop, since the game is played in low friction, you need to apply thrust in the opposite direction from which you are moving. We recommend, especially in the earlier levels, using small motions to nudge your ship gently in the direction you want to go.

how to hold the device in order to steer

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Game Elements

Your Spaceship


Your Spaceship is shown here in blue. You can choose between blue, red or green for your ship color.



The upper Target here is in the "off" state, while the lower Target has been lit by a green Spaceship.



Only Meteors cause damage to your Spaceship. The amount of damage your ship sustains when it caroms off a Meteor depends on the size of the meteor and the combined momentum of the collision. That is, glancing blows at low speed cause little damage, but head on collisions at a fast speed will cause your damage meter to drop significantly.



When a Neutralizer collides with a lit Target, it will turn the Target back off.



A Chaser will constantly pursue your Spacehip. Although Chasers can not cause direct damage to your ship, they will try to make you carom into Meteors.


Some levels begin with a Shockwave, a blast of energy radiating out from your Spaceship. Shockwaves set everything in the arena in motion by pushing them away from your ship. Before long, many will rebound off the walls and come right back towards your ship.

Toggle Mode

Some levels are in Toggle Mode. Normally when your Spaceship collides with a lit Target, the Target stays lit. In Toggle Mode, however, caroming with a lit Target will toggle it back off. Toggle Mode is indicated by pulsating lights in the arena walls.

Running Targets

Running Targets is the count of how many Targets have been lit in a row without caroming a Meteor, a Neutralizer, or a lit Target during Toggle Mode. The score for lighting a Target is the current Multiplier times the number of Running Targets. Note, caroming a Chaser does not count against Running Targets, but the "Thrill of the chase" achievement requires both avoiding contact with the Chaser as well as no break in Running Targets.

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Original Game Concept:   Kirk Bowers
Software Development:   Kirk Bowers
Art Direction:   Kara Metlen

Modeling, Lighting, Shading:   Kirk Bowers
Layout Design, Digital Paint:   Kara Metlen

Sound Design:   Kirk Bowers

Development Tools

Software Development:   Xcode, Android Studio, TextWrangler
3D Modeling:   Side Effects Houdini
Rendering:   Side Effects Mantra
Digital Paint:   Adobe Photoshop, GIMP
Sound Editing:   Adobe Audition

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Questions, Comments, Bug Reports, Suggestions

We'd love to have your feedback on Space Carom. If there is a problem, please let us know and we'll fix it in the next update. If you're enjoying the game, we want to hear that, too. And we always appreciate your ratings in the app store! Feel free to contact us any time!

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