Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Carom"?

"Carom" is a billiards term. Roughly, it means two things striking and ricotheting off each other. The point of the game is to carom into other objects in outer space. Yeah, a bit of an odd name, but it does make some sense...

Q: Can I recharge the Damage Meter?

Be default, the Damage Meter never does recharge during the game. But starting with version 3.0.1 you can turn on "Damage Recharge" for free! It will reset your Damage Meter to full charge every time you clear a level. To get the "Damage Recharge", click on the "Settings" link on your main screen and toggle Damage Recharge to "on".

Q: I love it! Is there more?

Why, yes! We have another game on the app store called Quintgel, which is also an homage to the 80's arcade classics. It's a puzzle game and loads of fun, if we do say so ourselves. And on a more random note, if you happen to be a golfer, check out our handicap app called GolfCap. It's a personal handicap caddy you take with you out onto the golf course.

Other questions

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