Life and death billiards in zero-G!

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Space Carom is an exciting, physics-based action game that combines the dangers of space travel with the ricochet action of billiards. Challenge your skills as you pilot your ship through Meteor fields, Neutralizers, Chasers, Shockwaves, and more! With your tilt sensor as your helm, steer your ship through the minefield of space while surviving long enough to claim your Targets and advance to the next level.

Since objects in Space Carom ricochet off of each other like billiards, the speed and angle of your impact will send your ship rebounding through space. When you carom into a Meteor it damages your ship, and the more violent the collision, the more destruction you'll have. When you run down your damage meter to zero, your ship explodes!

Space Carom pays homage to the classic coin-op arcade games of the 20th century, but with a slew of 21st century upgrades.

Game features include:

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Screen shots:

Game in standard right handed mode Two player game Game in left handed mode Game with customized buttons Title screen